Poison Dart Frog

Native American groups employ these frogs' poison both as arrow poison and in blow darts, hence their names

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Yellow-banded poison dart frogs that roam free all give poison off via their skin, this is due to their diet where they feed heavily on ants, which are the source of their toxicity. These diurnal frogs usually live in tropical or evergreen rain forests, and are frequently found over damp rocks and soil, below logs and underneath heaps of foliage. They tend to gravitate toward habitats that are close to rivers, and also thrive in humid locales.

Key Facts

Flies, ants, insects, spiders and termites
Life Span:
20 years
South America
Tropical rainforests
Did you know?
Poison dart frogs, also called poison arrow frogs, are so named because some Amerindian tribes have used their secretions to poison their darts

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