Barn Owl

The Barn Owl are the most widespread of all the birds of prey in the world, found on every continent except for the north and south poles.

They use their amazing sense of hearing to detect the sound of rodents with deadly accuracy. Their facial disc is a heart shape and unique to Barn owls and Bay owls.

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Barn owls are relatively common throughout most of their range, but numbers are declining worldwide mostly due to habitat destruction, especially in the UK. Climate affects their numbers quite dramatically as well, as they are unable to hunt in prolonged wet weather.

Key Facts

Rodents, rats, mice, shrews, moles, and voles.
29cm - 44cm
Life Span:
7 years wild | 15 - 20 years captivity
Number of Young:
3 - 7 eggs laid
Worldwide, on every continent except the Arctic and Antarctica.
Open lowlands, rough grassland, plantations, heath, marsh, coastal regions, savannah
Did you know?
Barn owls can differ in size and colour across the world as there are different sub species.

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