Bengal Eagle Owl

The Bengal Eagle Owl is found in hilly and rocky scrub forests, and are usually seen in pairs.

They have a deep resonant booming call that may be heard at dawn and dusk. Typically large owls, they have feather tufts on their heads and are splashed with brown, and grey and have a white throat patch with black small stripes.

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Key Facts

Rodents and smaller birds.
50cm - 65cm
Life Span:
20 years wild | 50 years captivity
Number of Young:
2 -4 Eggs
India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Burma and the west Himalayas.
Rocky hills, wooded scrub, ravines
Did you know?
You can often tell whether an owl hunts by day or night is by the colour of their eyes. Owls with yellow eyes usually hunt by day. Owls with orange eyes usually hunt at dawn or dusk. Owls with dark eyes usually hunt by night.

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