Yellow-backed Chattering lory

The Yellow-backed Chattering lory, typically nests in holes 20 to 25 metres up in very tall trees

The breeding season is thought to last from around June to November, possibly longer. In captivity, two eggs are laid per clutch and the nesting period lasts around 76 days.

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Key Facts

Nectar, pollen, fruit and maize.
30cm - 33cm
Life Span:
25 years captivity
Number of Young:
In captivity, two eggs are laid per clutch and are incubated for approx. 25 days.
North Maluku, Indonesia.
Coastal lowlands and upland forests
Did you know?
Lories and lorikeets have a unique, brush-like tongue which they use to gather nectar from flowering plants. This makes up most of their diet.

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