Eurasian Eagle Owl

This eagle owl is the largest and most powerful owl in Europe.

It has a large beak and enormous talons, but its most noticeable features are the striking orange eyes. It has prominent ear tufts, which are raised or lowered depending on its mood and used to break up the outline of the bird when it is nesting or sitting in one place. Hunting usually occurs from an open perch.

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Key Facts

Mammals, up to the size of adult hares or even young deer, as well as birds up to the size of herons and geese, and occasionally amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects.
Life Span:
20 years wild | 60 years captivity
Number of Young:
2 - 3 eggs
Mainland Europe, across Asia, and occasionally North Africa
Mainly remote rocky areas, river valleys, ravines, quarries
Did you know?
The females are significantly larger than the males.

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