Harris Hawk

The Harris hawk or Harris's hawk is unique amongst the raptors for hunting in family groups.

This co-operative behaviour allows it to capture larger prey than would otherwise be possible. Their favourite roosting places are the saguaro cactus. They also perch using stacking. This is where one bird stands on top of the other.

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Key Facts

Small creatures including birds, lizards, mammals, and large insects – as a group jack rabbits.
46cm - 76cm
Life Span:
12 years wild | 25 years captivity
Number of Young:
2 - 4 eggs
Central and South America (Arizona, Texas, Senora)
Semi desert areas, swamps and mangroves.
Wingspan 100cm - 120cm
Did you know?
Their eyesight is said to be eight times better than humans and if they could read, they would be able to read a newspaper headline from a whole football pitch length away.

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