The rabbit was introduced to Great Britain during the Twelfth Century AD by the Normans.

Rabbits tend to be active during the evening and night, but in areas where they are undisturbed by humans they become more active during the day.

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They live in groups numbering between a single pair and up to 30 individuals, inside burrow systems known as ‘warrens’. Burrowing is carried out solely by females. Within a warren, two distinct hierarchies operate, one amongst bucks, the other amongst does; an individual’s status is set during play-fighting as a young rabbit.

Key Facts

Vegetation, including grasses, tree bark, crops, and herbs.
Life Span:
8 - 12 years
Originate from southwest Europe and north-west Africa, but they have been introduced to many countries including Britain.
Did you know?
When rabbits thump their back legs, it sends a warning to others that one of their numerous predators is about.

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