Hog Deer

The Hog deer are a largely solitary species, but are often found in pairs, with females forming close relationships with their juvenile offspring

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They spend most of their time hidden in thick vegetation, only emerging during the hours of darkness to feed. When fleeing, they tend to charge into dense vegetation with their head held low, while other species of deer would tend to leap over any obstacle. This behaviour is like that of pigs and may be a reason for its name, along with a rather stocky appearance, having short legs and a muscular body that are rather pig like. The Hog deer like areas with good levels of cover near to rivers and marshland areas. It can be found in dense reed beds, thick riverside vegetation and close to swamps, in woodland.

Key Facts

Various grasses, herbaceous plants & riverside vegetation
Life Span:
10 - 20 years
Northern India and Pakistan and parts of southeastern Asia
Did you know?
Young deer have a lightly spotted coat, but over time the spotting fades away and the coat becomes uniform in colour

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