Sugar Glider

The Sugar glider is a small, softly furred nocturnal possum with a bushy tail.

The sugar glider shelters by day in a tree hollow lined with leaves.

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Groups of up to seven or more adults and young may share the nest, huddling together to keep warm, and even entering short periods of torpor during cold weather. Led by a dominant male, the group uses a complex system of scent marking to recognise other group members and to mark their territory, which is aggressively defended against intruders.

Key Facts

Mainly gum and sap but also including blossoms, nectar, pollen, insects, spiders, and even small birds and mammals.
Life Span:
6 - 8 years wild | 12 - 15 years captivity
Australia, as well as in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and surrounding islands.
Did you know?
Sugar gliders are arboreal animals (spends their life on the trees).

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