The popcorn scented mammal

Binturongs help spread seeds from the fruits they eat, helping to replant the rainforest.

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Facts about binturong

Binturongs are often described as an animal that’s appearance looks like a cross between a cat and a bear, however movement that mimics a racoon. Binturongs are commonly found live in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, where they spend the majority of their time high in the treetops.  Even though they are a carnivore they eat a mixture of fruit, insects and small birds.


The most unique thing about Binturong is its distinctive smell, which can be described as buttery, sweet, popcorn.  This is due to its urine which it uses to create scent trails, marking their territory and signalling their location to other Binturongs.

Key Facts

Insects, small birds, fruit and vegetables
Life Span:
16 - 18 years
Number of Young:
1 to 2, but can be up to 6
Southeast Asia
60 - 90 cm body, with a tail length of 50-84 cm
13 - 22 kgs
Did you know?
They use their tails as a fifth limb when climbing through trees.

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