Silvery Marmoset

They eat a variety of food, including tree sap, small animals and fruit.

Also known as the Black-tailed marmoset, these small monkeys have a pale grey colouring which has led to them being named the Silvery marmoset.

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Like all marmosets and tamarins they have claws on their fingers rather than nails – this helps them grip the bark of the trees they climb.

They are highly sociable, living in groups up to 50 individuals. In a group it is only the alpha pair that will breed and other members of the group will assist with the carrying and protection of the infants.

Key Facts

Sap and gum of trees, fruit, insects, and leaves.
Life Span:
8 - 16 years
Brazil, South and East of the Amazon basin.
Did you know?
They have a 30cm long tail which is longer than their body and helps them balance.

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