Keeper HQ

Keeper Head Quarters

Keeper HQ is located at the heart of the Park next to our Reptile Temple

What is Keeper HQ is used for?

The Keeper HQ has many functions; it is home to our keeper’s offices, the feed room, the vet room and is home to some education and conservation displays. At the back of Keeper HQ is the feed room where you can watch the keepers prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for our animals here at the Park. To the right of Keeper HQ is the vet room, where you may be lucky enough to watch a vet at work.

Unfortunately there are times when newborn animals are rejected by their parents, so within the vet room we have incubators and rearing houses, which have been suitably designed to take care of any small mammal species. To the left of Keeper HQ there are a handful of displays, one of which displays a few artefacts which have been seized at customs at Heathrow. And finally behind these displays we have a handful of the keepers offices, where they update animal files, write rotas and organise their day.


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