Keeper HQ

Keeper Head Quarters

Keeper HQ is located at the heart of the Park next to our Reptile Temple

What is Keeper HQ is used for?

Keeper HQ has many functions; it contains our Keeper’s Offices, the Animal Feed Room and Vet Room and is home to some educational conservation displays.

To the rear of Keeper HQ is the feed room, where you can watch the Keepers prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the animals here at Paradise.

To the right we have our Vet Room, where you may be lucky enough to see a vet at work. Unfortunately, there are times when newborn animals are rejected by their parents, so within the Vet Room we have incubators and rearing houses, which have been specially designed to take care of any small mammal species.

Inside Keeper HQ there are several displays, one of which shows endangered animal artifacts which were seized by customs at Heathrow Airport. We also have information on some of the important conservation work we do.

Last, but definitely not least, we have the Keepers’ Offices, where they complete all their admin and planning (such as updating animal files, writing rotas and organising their days).

This area is not open to general public but if you book a Shadow a Keeper experience, you get access to behind the scenes and work with our dedicated keeper team.


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