Offsite Visits


Invite our Hertfordshire zoo to your classroom with our offsite school visits!

Would you like Paradise Wildlife Park to come to you? Our Outreach Team can visit your school/venue with a variety of different exciting learning tasks.
Our most popular option is for us to bring some animal friends from a range of small mammals and reptiles to your classroom. We also offer conservation talks, which include a chance to explore some rare and endangered animal artefacts from Heathrow Airport Customs. Our team are also happy to assist with career days.

The topic of our outreach can be adapted to suit your learning needs and age range, please disclose this information when booking.
We are also proud to be part of the Council of Learning Outside the Classroom and Children’s University schemes!

Tailored to your group

On your visit, you will be introduced to one of our highly qualified education team members. The topic of choice can be adapted to suit the needs of your group, but generally we aim to cover as much information as we can!

Our “Close Encounter” option with live animals will vary depending on the species, but we aim to discuss lifestyles, habitats and diets amongst other themes. Species include invertebrates and reptiles only, and cannot be guaranteed or requested in advance due to daily changes in species rotation.

Conservation can either be related to a specific aspect of animal conservation, i.e. deforestation or pollution, or can address multiple aspects of the modern world that threaten species’ survival.

We are able to visit schools within a 35 mile radius of the zoo. SEND and extracurricular groups are welcome! Please advise of your group type when enquiring.

Our 30 minute outreach sessions are priced at £69 for a group of 30 students. Groups larger than 30 will be limited in animal handling (please email for more information).

To book, or many an enquiry please call 01992 470490, or email


All animals taking part in outreach are captive bred and chosen based on their comfort level with human interaction. Visits are carried out in accordance with the RSPCA visiting animal scheme and in line with the local authorities code of practise.

Participants will not hold any animals, but may have the opportunity to stroke them. This is always judged based on the animals’ behaviour throughout the visit. Under no circumstance will we allow a stressed animal to be handled.

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