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If you're looking for a fun and educational school trip for your pupils, look no further! Our zoo is home to a whole range of animals including penguins, meerkats, zebra, wolves and 4 species of big cat - Guaranteed to encourage your pupils to get involved and learn.

Let them fully utilise all of their senses by getting hands-on in a truly unique and educational experience.

What will be included in your school trip to the zoo?

We aim to deliver interactive educational experiences using resources such as live animals, biofacts and multimedia all linking to the National Curriculum. We offer fun workshops for primary school children aged between 7-11 years with a maximum group limit of no more than 30.

All the Vores

Your presenter will take you through understanding all about what animals eat, including whether animals are herbi-, carni-, or omni-vores and how animal diets link up into food chains!

All the Vores meets the following National Curriculum…

·         Identify and name common animals (birds, mammals, etc.).

·         Describe how animals obtain their food.

·         Construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.


Learn all about conservation issues in the 21st century and get closer to some seized artefacts (courtesy of HM customs). We will also put our heads together and see what we could be doing to help animals ourselves!

Conservation meets the following National Curriculum:

·        Understand how organisms are affected by their environment and their ecosystems.

·        Understand how changes in an environment can lead to extinction.

·        Understand how human processes can change landscapes, environments and climate.

·        Identify that Earth has limited resources, and the importance of recycling.

·        Understand effective management of the conflict between human needs and conservation to maintain sustainability.


Discover the amazing animals that live in the richest habitats on Earth, what makes them so unique and how they have adapted to survive here. We will also learn about rainforest destruction and what we can do to help.

Rainforests meet the following National Curriculum:

·        Identify and name common animals (birds, mammals, etc.).

·        Understand habitats, animal/plant interaction etc.

·        Recognise that environments can change, and that this can pose a threat to living things.

Minibeast Adventure

Let’s get closer to our native wildlife and learn all about the bugs in our gardens. We will also take a look at some more exotic insects across the world, learning what they have in common and what makes them different.

N.B.: Minibeast Adventure is also available as an outdoor learning option. This session is charged at £25 per group of 30 children, and will last 30 minutes.

Minibeast Adventure meets the following National Curriculum:

·        Understand the interactions between organisms and their ecosystems, including pollinating insects and crops.

·        Identify and name common animals (birds, mammals, insects etc.)

·        Describe and compare animal body structures.

·        Understand habitats, animal/plant interactions.

·        Identify and name animals and plants in their habitats.

Back in Time

Take a walk through time with your presenter, back to the age of the dinosaurs! Learn all about the species, their extinction and what “living dinosaurs” we have on Earth today.

N.B.: Back in Time is also available as an Outdoor Learning option with a part tour of our World of Dinosaurs! This session is charged at £25 per group of 30 children, and will last 30 minutes. 

Back in Time meets the following National Curriculum:

·        Recognise that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide evidence for millions of years.

·        Identify how plants and animals adapt to an environment and how this may lead to evolution.

·        Understand how changes in an environment can lead to extinction.

Helping Habitats

Learn about the big wide world of zoological fundraising and campaign work through an introduction to the main conservation focus of 2019 – helping habitats.
Discover the world through an interactive session of habitats and where they are found in the world. Then help us to put the animals back in their rightful homes. You’ll also learn what is threatening these habitats and how we can help to save them.

Planning your visit

Inspire your pupils to learn whilst they play by booking a school trip to the zoo today, book more than 20 tickets and you’ll receive an exclusive discount! In preparation for your onsite zoo visit, why not take a look at our map to plan which animals you’ll see first and then watch your pupils reinforce what they’ve seen so far in our educational zoo sessions.

We also have a variety of recommendations for pre- and post-visit activities. For these, please contact

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