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If you're looking for a fun and educational school trip for your pupils, look no further! Our zoo is home to a whole range of animals including penguins, meerkats, zebra, wolves and 4 species of big cat - Guaranteed to encourage your pupils to get involved and learn.

Let them fully utilise all of their senses by getting hands-on in a truly unique and educational experience.

What will be included in your school trip to the zoo?

We aim to deliver interactive educational experiences using resources such as live animals, biofacts and multimedia all linking to the National Curriculum. We offer fun presentations for all ages with a maximum group limit of no more than 30.


Learn all about conservation issues in the 21st century and get closer to some seized artefacts (courtesy of HM customs). We will also put our heads together and see what we could be doing to help animals ourselves!

Conservation meets the following National Curriculum:

·        Understand how organisms are affected by their environment and their ecosystems.

·        Understand how changes in an environment can lead to extinction.

·        Understand how human processes can change landscapes, environments and climate.

·        Identify that Earth has limited resources, and the importance of recycling.

·        Understand effective management of the conflict between human needs and conservation to maintain sustainability.

Climate Change and Us

Follow your presenter on a journey through the past, present and future of planet Earth and its creatures. We will look at how climate has changed in history, how humans are impacting it, and most importantly – how we can help!

Climate change and Us meets the following National Curriculum:

·        Understand how landforms and landscapes evolve as a process of past, present and future climate changes.

·        Understand how human processes change landscapes, environments and climate; and how human activity relies on effective functioning of natural systems.

·        Understand how changes in an environment can lead to extinction (natural selection).

·        Understand how organisms are affected by their environment, including accumulation of toxic materials.

·        Identify how Earth has limited resources, and the importance of recycling.

·        Understand the carbon cycle and how the production of CO2 by humans is having an impact on the climate.


Let’s step back to the beginning of life and learn how all life on Earth evolved from one single-celled organism. We will look at the natural drivers of evolution and how some natural pressures can cause new species to evolve.

Evolution meets the following National Curriculum:

·        Understand that the gene variability within a species can lead to individual success, which drives natural selection.

·        Understand how changes in an environment can lead to extinction (natural selection).

·        Understand the process of heredity.

·        Understand how animals’ adaptations can be behavioural, psychological and anatomical.

·        Understand how adaptation and selection are major drivers of evolution.

·        Identify how genetic transfer, and reproductive isolation can cause speciation.

Customer Service

Take a look at what types of customer services are involved in working in a zoological collection. Dive further into policies surrounding topics such as disability awareness, staff training and even our complaints procedure.

Animal Training

Explore the concepts of animal training, from target training and positive reinforcement, to what happens when it goes wrong. You will even gain experience in training… your other class mates!

Enclosure Design

Learn what it takes to design an appropriate enclosure for a captive exotic animal. We will look into animal needs, natural behaviour and financial limitations of zoo enclosure design, and give you the chance to design one of your own! This talk ends with a walk to look at real-life enclosure design examples in the zoo.

Marketing & Leisure Studies

Discover the “ins and outs” of marketing within a zoo setting, from marketing procedures and upcoming projects, to reaching target markets and our goals as a company. Discover Paradise’s place within a regional, national and international market.

Animal Psychology Workshop

Using a non-invasive observational study, learn how to evaluate an animals’ behaviour when presented with a stimulus.

Biodiversity & Classification

An interactive opportunity for students to gain an insight into the structure of phyla within the tree of life, understand features on which we group organisms, and how we have got it wrong in the past! Students will then use these skills in an identification task.


Understand how humans have impacted the natural world through tourism activities. Learn to identify pitfalls of false ecotourism activities and discover how to help us spread the message of responsible tourism!

Planning your visit

Inspire your pupils to learn whilst they play by booking a school trip to the zoo today, book more than 20 tickets and you’ll receive an exclusive discount! In preparation for your onsite zoo visit, why not take a look at our map to plan which animals you’ll see first and then watch your pupils reinforce what they’ve seen so far in our educational zoo sessions.

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