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Reception & Foundation Onsite Zoo Visits

If you're looking for a fun and educational school trip for your pupils, look no further! Our zoo is home to a whole range of animals including penguins, meerkats, zebra, wolves and 4 species of big cat - Guaranteed to encourage your pupils to get involved and learn.

Let them fully utilise all of their senses by getting hands-on in a truly unique and educational experience.

What will be included in your school trip to the zoo?

We aim to deliver interactive educational experiences using resources such as live animals, bio-facts and multimedia all linking to the National Curriculum.

We offer fun presentations for preschool children aged between 2-4 years. We recommend no more than 30 student per group but are happy to discuss options.

Our two preschool workshop options aim to engage the senses and encourage creative learning. Let’s give your little ones the opportunity to see, smell, hear and feel the natural world around them!

Fur, Feathers and Scales

Ever wondered what makes a mammal a mammal? Or a bird a bird? Take your chance to get hands on with some animal artifacts and discover what makes these skin coverings so successful.

Fur, Feathers and Scales meets the following National Curriculum:

Identify and name common animals (i.e. birds, mammals)
Describe and compare animal body structures (i.e. fish, bird)

Close Encounters

Get a little closer to some of our smaller animals, learn what it is that makes each of them unique and how they survive in their habitats. Your presenter will cover all topics from diets and reproduction, to predators and adaptations.

N.B.: Our animal’s welfare will always take priority. If any of the animals are feeling uncomfortable, we will not allow them to be touched. 

Planning your visit

Inspire your pupils to learn whilst they play by booking a school trip to the zoo today, book more than 20 tickets and you’ll receive an exclusive discount! In preparation for your onsite zoo visit, why not take a look at our map to plan which animals you’ll see first and then watch your pupils reinforce what they’ve seen so far in our educational zoo sessions.

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