Conservation Conversation: Lions

£10 P/P*
Tue 13th June

Join us for an evening of Conservation Conversation: Lions

Join us on Tuesday 13th June for our specialised event – Conservation Conversation: Lions

Arrivals from 6pm, with talks starting at 7pm.  Upon arrival please head to the marquee.

Guest Speakers include:

Ian Jones – Section Leader of Large Carnivores – Caring for Lions at Paradise Wildlife Park

Dr James Musinguzi – Director of Uganda Wildlife Education Centre – History of our partners, Zara story and where they are today

Tyler, Aaron & Cameron Whitnall – Drive4Wildlife

Tickets – £10pp – 14 and over due to the nature and content of the talks.

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Meet our guest speakers:

Ian Jones

Ian Jones, our experienced Head of Carnivores at Paradise Wildlife Park. With a lifelong dedication to studying and protecting big cats, Ian brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. His expertise in the behaviour and conservation of these magnificent animals has greatly contributed to the well-being of the park’s feline residents. Ian’s innovative approaches to welfare and enrichment techniques have improved the lives of the carnivores under his care. Through educational programs and engaging visitors on a daily basis, Ian Jones shares his passion for big cat conservation, inspiring others to appreciate and protect these incredible creatures.


Dr James Musinguzi

Dr James Musinguzi is the executive director and chief executive officer of the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC).
UWEC’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, breed wildlife, and educate the public on wildlife conservation with emphasis on the young generation.

Paradise Wildlife Park has been associated with James Musinguzi and UWEC since 1999 when James met our founder, Peter Sampson at the World Association of Zoos Annual Conference in Pretoria.

Following that meeting, Paradise began their Lions Back to Africa which saw 2 lionesses move to UWEC as part of a breeding and education programme.

We have enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship for conservation even since.

Tyler, Aaron and Cameron Whitnall

Tyler Whitnall is a dedicated wildlife conservationist, television presenter, and the Director of Paradise Wildlife Park, as well as a Trustee of The Big Cat Sanctuary. Growing up onsite at the zoo, Tyler has developed a deep-rooted love for nature and a strong commitment to animal welfare. He showcases his passion as one of the hosts with his two brothers on the CBBC’s children’s wildlife series “One Zoo Three” and “OZT Goes Wild in Britain” where he shares the organization’s efforts and explores the rich diversity of animal life worldwide.

Aaron Whitnall is an experienced zookeeper, wildlife expert, and television presenter who works between his family’s two wildlife charities, Paradise Wildlife Park and The Big Cat Sanctuary. With a lifelong passion for animals, Aaron is dedicated to wildlife care and conservation. He brings his expertise and love for nature to his captivating appearances on CBBC’s “One Zoo Three” and “OZT Goes Wild in Britain” along side his two brothers. Through his work, Aaron inspires young audiences to appreciate and protect wildlife, while actively contributing to the efforts of his family’s wildlife charities. His commitment to wildlife conservation and hands-on involvement in the charities make him a respected figure in the field, promoting the importance of preserving our natural world.

Cameron Whitnall, a wildlife influencer, enthusiast, television presenter, and conservation advocate, has made a significant impact through his social channels as well as his television series, “One Zoo Three” and “OZT Goes Wild in Britain”. As one of the presenters of these popular shows on CBBC, Cameron, alongside his brothers Aaron and Tyler, has inspired young audiences to develop a love for wildlife and conservation. His passion extends beyond the screen, as he actively engages in raising awareness for climate issues as a #OneStepGreener ambassador and partners with organizations like TikTok and Nikon to promote nature, sustainability, and wildlife education. Cameron’s dedication and social influence makes him a prominent voice in the field of wildlife conservation.

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