Conservation Conversation: Sun Bears

£10 P/P*
Mon 3rd July

Join us for an evening of Conservation Conversation: Sun Bears

Join us on Monday 3rd July for our specialised event – Conservation Conversation: Sun Bears

Arrivals from 6pm, with talks starting at 7pm.  Upon arrival please head to the marquee

Guest Speakers include:

Kim Vaughan – Caring for Sun Bears at Paradise Wildlife Park

Dr Wong – Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre and Sun Bears

Cam Whitnall – PWP x BSBCC x SSBT – Our Conservation and My Adventure

Tickets – £10pp – 14 and over due to the nature and content of the talks

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Meet our guest speakers:

Kim Vaughan

Kim Vaughan, our dedicated Section Leader of Primates and Small Mammals at Paradise Wildlife Park. With a wealth of experience and a particular focus on sun bears, Kim is deeply committed to their well-being and conservation. Her extensive knowledge of sun bear behaviour and expertise in  understanding of captive management have greatly enhanced the care and enrichment programs at the park. Kim’s passion for these incredible creatures shines through in her work, inspiring others to join the cause. At Paradise Wildlife Park, Kim Vaughan is making a significant impact in the world of sun bear conservation.

Dr. (Hon) Wong Siew Te

Dr. (Hon) Wong Siew Te, founded the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in 2008 and is the drive behind the project. Wong, one of the few Malaysian wildlife biologists who was trained in Taiwan and U.S.A., has been studying and working on the ecological conservation of the sun bear since 1998. His pioneer studies of sun bears in the Bornean rainforest have taken him into the most threatened wildlife habitat on Earth, where field work is exceedingly difficult.

Wong has witnessed bears kept in small cages, unhygienic and often disgusting conditions. It was seeing sun bears in these awful conditions combined with animal welfare and veterinary education and his love for sun bears, which inspired him to set up the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) in 2008.

The BSBCC work daily in the natural habitats of sun bears in South East Asia to aid the protection and conservation of the species.

If you would like further information on our conservation partners, The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, please click here.

Cameron Whitnall

Cameron Whitnall, a wildlife influencer, enthusiast, television presenter, and conservation advocate, has made a significant impact through his social channels as well as his television series, “One Zoo Three” and “OZT Goes Wild in Britain”. As one of the presenters of these popular shows on CBBC, Cameron, alongside his brothers Aaron and Tyler, has inspired young audiences to develop a love for wildlife and conservation. His passion extends beyond the screen, as he actively engages in raising awareness for climate issues as a #OneStepGreener ambassador and partners with organizations like TikTok and Nikon to promote nature, sustainability, and wildlife education. Cameron’s dedication and social influence makes him a prominent voice in the field of wildlife conservation.

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