Mums UnLtd at Paradise Wildlife Park

Mon 3rd September

At Paradise Wildlife Park conservation isn’t our only goal. It’s also a mission of ours to support those in the local community.  We are extremely proud to announce that we are supporting Mums UnLtd by hosting their monthly meetings at a venue within our park.

Mums UnLtd meet once a month inside our park. The meeting begins at 9:30 and ends at 11:30 and are aimed at mums in business and those who are thinking of starting a small business of their own. The objective is simple, to provide you with the inspiration, support, information, contacts and connections that you need to help you succeed in the business world! There is no membership fee for Mums UnLtd, just an attendance fee of £12.50.

By supporting Mums UnLtd we are able to show our commitment to both women in business, and those who have shown our fantastic park support over the years. If you’re a woman in business, or hoping to create a business of your own, then make sure to book your ticket to the next meeting at

We are also pleased to announce that we are providing a complimentary entry ticket to Paradise Wildlife Park to all attendees on their first visit to a networking event at our premises.

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