Feeds & Talks

Meet the keeper at the animal enclosures

Here at Paradise Wildlife Park you have the opportunity to meet our keepers at different animal enclosures throughout the day to hear interesting facts and information.

You can even watch at feeding time too

At the Park we have a dedicated team of Animal Keepers who are more than happy to share their knowledge about the animals in their care at the Park, so feel free to ask any questions you may have!

On the back of our park map you will find a list of all of these opportunities. We also have a few posters around the park showing talk and feed times.

Feed and Talk Times

F – Indicates Feeding Time

Times Talks Feeds
11:15am Tapir Feed and Talk F
11:30am Big Cat Talk
12:45pm Penguin Feed & Talk F
1:00pm Gibbon Talk
1:15pm Anaconda Talk
1:30pm Otter Feed & Talk F
1:45pm Red Panda Feed & Talk F
2:45pm Farmyard Encounter
3:00pm Reptile Encounter
3:30pm Big Cat Feed & Talk
4:00pm Animal Park Closes


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