5 Big Cat Facts for International Cat Day

Mon 8th August

Meet Our Big Cats here at Paradise Wildlife Park!

On the 8th of August each year cats of all shapes and sizes take centre stage for International Cat Day. Bringing awareness to the majestic and beautiful taxonomic family of felidae of which sadly all feature on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

This year we are celebrating with the Top Five Fun Facts About Our Big Cats here at Paradise Wildlife Park.


1. Do you know the family connection of our Amur Tigers?

Aleena and Siberia are sisters here at Paradise Wildlife Park but did you know they have another sister? Amasia who lives at our sister site The Big Cat Sanctuary! Amasia is just like her sisters and is very playful and loves enrichment toys as well as jumping into her pond and making a mess.

2. Moto the male white lion turned 15 this year!

Moto has made Paradise Wildlife Park his home for the last ten years, joining Kya and her daughter Izulu in March 2011 from West Midland Safari & Leisure Park. Moto and Kya expanded their pride in 2013 with the birth of Zuri and he has continued to be an amazing father to both girls. Moto might the king of the pride but he definitely lets the girls, especially Zuri to get away with mischief from time to time!


3. Snow leopard’s Jessie and Panja have a tombola!

Enrichment plays an important role in the cognitive challenges and social opportunities in the lives of all animals. Enrichment in zoos provides species-appropriate challenges, opportunities and stimulation, that can create a dynamic environment and provide opportunities to mimic behaviours that would be carried out by their wild counterparts. Jessie and Panja were kindly donated a tombola by Stylo for them to try and get meaty snacks out of.


4. Our Jaguars are Grandparents!

Our resident Jaguars Kamal and Kedera who are currently on holiday at our sister site The Big Cat Sanctuary had their daughter Keira here at Paradise Wildlife Park on the 2nd April in 2017. Keira was then moved to The Big Cat Sanctuary in 2019 and introduced to Neron with them welcoming a beautiful healthy cub called Inka in 2021. We hope we will hear the pitter patter of little paws once again soon by the couples.


5. You can feed our Big Cats!

Here at Paradise you can get up closer than ever before to our Big Cats with a hand feed! Choose between our Tigers and Lions and join a keeper for one of their feeds. Learn about the species whilst providing some extra tasty treats!

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