Baby Black Lemur

Wed 18th April

Born April 1st, to bolek and Louise. This is their second child after zafy born last year

Our keepers believe it is a girl, as the baby has lots of white on its ears. Black lemurs are sexually dichromatic meaning the males and females are different colours, the baby should take its adult form by 6 weeks of age.

It’s very active, and at 2 weeks was seen taking its first steps on mums back and around mums feet. Like most babies it has been very vocal from day one and has already began investigating and putting solid foods in its mouth including celery and broccoli!

Zafy, who recently celebrated his first birthdy is spending a lot of time with mum and infant, including grooming the baby! They are all enjoying the sun and can often be seen at the front of their enclosure!

Make sure to come & visit the little cutie soon!

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