Burmese Python, Boat moves to Temple of Angkor

Sat 5th June

Our Burmese Python, Boat has moved from his off-show habitat into the Temple of Angkor! Boat has never been seen by the public and we are so excited to meet him.  Boat is a beautiful boy and known for his striking colouration and patterns of his scales. He is often spotted soaking up the rays under his UV lamp at the top corner of his habitat.


Burmese Pythons are classed as ‘Vulnerable’ by the IUCN. This is largely due to these reptiles being such a high demand for snake owners. As such they are regularly poached and sold through the illegal wildlife trade. However, they are often not cared for properly and need to be rescued.


Boat acts as a wonderful ambassador for his wild counterparts. By visiting Paradise Wildlife Park, you are supporting our wildlife charity that works to conserve wild Burmese Pythons. Please make sure to book your tickets to Paradise Wildlife Park on our website so you don’t miss out seeing our gorgeous Boat.

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