Cameo starts at Paradise Wildlife Park

Fri 26th March

Cameo is the latest in video personal messaging! You can now get a personalised video message from your favourite animals at Paradise Wildlife Park. After what has been a difficult year, now would be the perfect time to send some happiness to your loved ones with a Paradise Wildlife Park video message! All you need to do is choose the Cameo from the animals on offer and then send us your message to be read out with the animal. Paradise Wildlife Park Cameos are perfect for birthdays, special occasions or even just as a positive message to send to a loved one. All funds raised from Cameo will go directly back into our charity. We will then use these funds to support our animals and teams here at Paradise Wildlife Park.

See below the available animals from Paradise Wildlife Park!

You can get an amazing bespoke video message from Moto, the White Lion. He loves laying in the sunshine and taking care of his pride at Lion Pridelands!

Know someone who loves snow leopards? You can get them a personalised message from Jessie! She is such a playful cat; often seen rolling around and playing with her boyfriend Panja!

Come hang out with Mr. Jingles, the two-toed sloth! Get your personalised message today! Mr. Jingles loves his fruit snacks and doing what sloths do best: napping and snacking!

Nam Pang, the Red Panda would love to join in on all your celebrations and wonderful messages to your friends and family! How cute is that snoot!

Rex, the T-Rex cannot wait to wish you a ROARsome birthday! Rex will come to life in his personalised message to any dinosaur lover.

 Head over to the Cameo website now for you special message!

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