Early Christmas Treats for our Animals

Thu 17th December

Enrichment all year round is so important for animal welfare. Paradise Wildlife Park makes sure there is regular enrichment for our animals so that our collection remains stimulated whilst in captivity. This is so important for animal welfare because it allows the animals to exercise natural behaviours they would exhibit in the wild. Essentially, enrichment is the perfect tool to allow our animals do what they do best: forage, hunt, problem solve, be animals!


On the first episode of From You to Zoo, Jessie the snow leopard was gifted a fabulous toy boy made of strong rope. Jessie immediately took to the fun new playmate and was seen jumping around and playing football with her partner Panja! The ball was able to help Jessie exercise those playful instincts she is so loved for. It is also something that she does not usually see in her habitat so it gets her investigative nature set into action. Jessie even left a scent mark on the ball as to warn off any snow leopards that this is her ball; another incredible natural behaviour is shown.


Our keepers at Paradise Wildlife Park are so creative when it comes to making exciting new enrichment items for the animals. Even more so within the festive season! Keepers Jonny and Hannah made an incredible reindeer out of wood, complete with a red nose! Their reindeer was also placed in with Jessie and Panja and was met with excited leaps and bounds from the loved up couple. Hannah and Jonny also made a big cat sized holiday wreath to place in our latest Land of the Tigers for our tigers to enjoy!


Tiger sisters Aleena and Siberia loved investigating the pine wreath. With the distinctive smell pine branches give off, it also acts as scent enrichment. This is when animals smell things within their habitat that they usually would not otherwise smell. Again, this is so important for animal welfare as they are being exposed to new smells like they would every day in the wild.

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