Goodbye Freya

Fri 21st January

Our Meerkat

It comes with great sadness that Paradise Wildlife Park must announce the passing of Freya the Meerkat.

Freya was born at Paradise on the 29th February 2008 and has been in our care for her whole life. Freya was a very big character and held the dominant position in her group for many years. She was one of our friendliest meerkats and there will in no doubt be many visitors who have fond memories of her enjoying a scratch during a Meet the Meerkat experience. She particularly liked getting comfortable on the back of your neck or inside your coat! On the contrary, she was also a very sassy individual and kept her keepers on their toes with who she decided to like and not like. Meerkats would only live for around 8 years in the wild so at almost 14 she was certainly an old lady. Unfortunately, her keepers recently saw signs of kidney failure and had to make the decision to put her to sleep after this was confirmed by our vet. 

Freya was loved by many and she will be sorely missed by the whole team here at Paradise.

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