Goodbye Kya

Tue 7th November

It comes with great sadness that Paradise Wildlife Park must announce the passing of Kya, the lioness.

Kya was born in 2006, and arrived at Paradise in 2008.

Kya held the title of the Queen of Lion Pride Lands, and she was adored by the entire pride, particularly her cubs who were always at her side. Throughout her life, she exhibited exceptional patience and care as a mother, and even as Izulu and Zuri reached adulthood, they continued to seek her comforting presence. Kya shared a deep bond with Moto, and their connection was truly special.

After a brief illness, she peacefully passed away on Saturday, November 4th, at the age of 17.

This beautiful, sweet, gentle, and easy going lioness had a passion for sunbathing and enjoyed perching on top of Pride Rock, where she could observe the world around her. Kya’s playful nature shone through when she interacted with scent enrichments, rolling all over them with delight. She also had a passion for playing football with her boomer balls, showcasing her lively spirit.

Kya was loved by all the team here at Paradise and will be sorely missed by the incredible keeping team and all the visitors who met her.


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