Goodbye Whisper

Sun 21st November

Our Asian Short-Claw Otter

It comes with great sadness that Paradise Wildlife Park must announce the sudden passing of Whisper the Asian Short-Claw Otter.

Whisper was born at Paradise in 2010 and was the youngest of our otter family. He was a very unique otter and whenever keepers spotted someone being silly, they could guarantee it would be Whisper. 

He loved to carry a mussel shell around in his mouth (we would get numerous calls from concerned visitors thinking that it was stuck!) but this was just Whisper being fun. He loved to lay on his back and play with pebbles as well. Whisper loved to drink from a hose and as soon as he heard a keeper turn the tap on he would run into the house from wherever he was to enjoy it.

He was the most playful of all of our otters and would regularly be seen bouncing around trying to get his dad and older brothers to play with him. He also loved to dig holes and make his own muddy swamp to play in!

Whispers’ sudden passing has come as a great shock to his keepers and he will be sorely missed by the whole team here at Paradise.



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