Happy Birthday Bombeiro

Sat 8th January

Celebrating Bombeiro's 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bombeiro 


Today Paradise Wildlife Park come together to celebrate a very special 1st birthday! Bombeiro, the Pygmy Marmoset who was born here at the park on the 8th January 2021.

Bombeiro over the last year has grown into a confident little monkey and continues to be very cheeky. He still can be seen looking up to his big sister Mimo and following her around their habitat bouncing from branch to branch. Bombeiro in the last year has also become an older brother to the twins Pequeno and Pouco who are the newest additions to the troop of six who were born in September 2021. All can be seen watching the activities that go on in the Rainforest building and are often peering through the glass being extra nosey at all the visitors walking past. 


Pygmy Marmosets are the smallest known monkey species in the world, weighing just 3grams when they are born. As adults, they only grow to be 150 grams in weight; roughly the same weight as a small bag of sugar. Their tails are longer than their entire bodies as they are used to keep excellent balance as they spring from branch to branch.

Pygmy Marmosets are generally found in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia; often in the dense vegetation of the lower layers of the forest. In this vegetation, they forage for insects within half an acre of each troop’s territory. Pygmy marmosets are listed as ‘least concern on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation and Nature) Red List. However, their wild population is decreasing due to deforestation and the illegal pet trade.

The conservation efforts in the wild and ambassadors such as Bombeiro and the rest of his family raise awareness for this species and the efforts needed to conserve the species. You can visit the very cheeky Bombeiro and the rest of the troop in the Rainforest building in our World of Animals.


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