Happy birthday Keira!

Fri 2nd April

Paradise Wildlife Park and The Big Cat Sanctuary come together today to celebrate a very special birthday, Keira our beautiful Jaguar who now calls The Big Cat Sanctuary home is turning 4!


Keira was born at Paradise Wildlife Park on the 2nd of April in 2017 to her parents Kedera and Kamal, who are currently on holiday at The Big Cat Sanctuary and will be able to celebrate this birthday with her at the Sanctuary. Keira was raised by her mother Kedera and was introduced back to Kamal her dad when she was 14 months old, allowing them all to share space safely and live as a family. Kedera and Kamal are part of the International Breeding Programme, a world-wide governing body aimed at protecting and conserving the health and genetic pools of endangered species. The genetic diversity and the continuation of stable blood lines have become a large understanding in conservation needs, with the programme acting as a network amongst zoos and wildlife parks to ensure species protection. Keira’s birth was a huge milestone for not only the breeding programme but also within the Park’s history. Keira was the first Jaguar cub born at Paradise Wildlife Park and was one of only 11 Jaguars born in the entirety of Europe in 2017. With Jaguars classed as ‘near threatened’ on the ICUN endangered species list. We hope that Keira can one day become part of the International Breeding Programme to continue the strong bloodlines that will act as a safety net for Jaguars in the wild. With Keira’s move to The Big Cat Sanctuary in August 2019 and partnership with Neron leads to hope that one day we will have the patter of tiny paws again.


Keira has grown into a very confident individual who is always very agile and loves nothing more than nimbly exploring her surroundings. She is always very keen to get her teeth into the enrichment features the keepers put on for her and is very quick at figuring out where all her tasty snacks may be hidden. If Keira isn’t busy with her enrichment activities she can be found cuddling up for hours and grooming Neron whom she is completely besotted with.


Even though The Big Cat Sanctuary is not open to the general public, Paradise visitors can still see Keira – tours of the site are available to book online and every summer the Sanctuary holds five open days. You can also help celebrate Keira’s birthday by adopting Keira on our website, which aids to help support the survival and conservation of the Jaguar species. The funds raised from adoptions go directly back into our charity The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire. Where the ethos of the charity is dedicated to animal welfare and conservation; placing our animals at the forefront of all that we do.


Please join us in wishing Keira a very purrfect 4th Birthday!

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