Happy Birthday Kya!

Sat 24th September

Happy birthday to our white lion Kya!

Today at Paradise Wildlife Park we are celebrating a very special birthday!  The Queen of the park our white lioness Kya is turning 16.

We are celebrating Kya’s birthday with a huge pile of fresh bark chip which she loves to roll around in. 

Thank you to Thompsons of Crews Hill for her amazing birthday present. 

Kya was born in 2006 and arrived here at Paradise Wildlife Park in 2008. She is the queen of our lion pride and has always been an amazing mum to Zuri and Izulu, and a wonderful partner to Moto. She always keeps a watchful eye on the pride, ensuring that Zuri doesn’t cause too much trouble and stepping in when needed. Despite her age, she still has a playful streak and enjoys playing with her daughters (as long as Zuri knows when to take a break!). On warm days when playing is too much, Kya’s favourite hobby is to sunbathe while laying on her back with her legs in the air! In the evenings, the pride enjoys nothing more than cuddling up for a good grooming session, before settling down for a nap together. Kya and Moto have a lovely bond, and keepers often see the two of them settled near each other away from the girls, or head rubbing when passing each other.  


You can also help celebrate Kya’s birthday through adopting our lions on our website, which aids to help support the survival and conservation of these majestic animals. The funds raised from adoptions go directly back into our charity The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire. 


Please join us in wishing Kya a very Roarsome Happy 16th Birthday.

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