Happy Birthday Moto!

Thu 8th April

Happy Birthday Moto!

Today at Paradise Wildlife Park we are celebrating a very special birthday! The king of the park our white male lion Moto is celebrating his 14th Birthday.

Moto has made Paradise Wildlife Park his home for the last ten years, joining Kya and her daughter Izulu in March 2011 from West Midland Safari & Leisure Park. Moto and Kya expanded their pride in 2013 with the birth of Zuri and he has continued to be an amazing father to both girls. Moto might the king of the pride but he definitely lets the girls, especially Zuri to get away with mischief from time to time.

When Moto arrived to us here at Paradise Wildlife Park, he was part of the International Breeding Programme. A worldwide governing body aimed at protecting and conserving the health and genetic pools of endangered species. Genetic diversity and the continuation of stable bloodlines has been placed at the forefront of conservation needs. The programme works as a large network amongst zoos and wildlife parks to ensure species protection. We have been able to support this community with our beautiful Jaguars Kedera and Kumal, as 2017 welcomed the pair the successful birth of Keira, who is now at The Big Cat Sanctuary. With Kiara’s pairing with Neron, we hope to support the programme with healthy cubs in the future. Moto will be part of our last white lion pride, as the white fur colouring derives from a recessive gene and has previously been influenced to ensure genetic white cubs. This manipulation of breeding can bring medical implications and issues of interbreeding. As a Park, we do not support this and are focused on the need to preserve the important genetics of different species.

Moto has always been a favourite with our visitors and keepers, from his daily territory calls which echo and boom across the Park (and even up to miles around!) to his frequent playful moods. Moto loves nothing more than exploring cardboard boxes, eating tasty meat snack and discovering the sweet smell of peppermint oil in his enclosure, which he eagerly chooses to lick and rub it all over himself. Moto can’t wait to see all the happy and smiling faces returning to the park and is ready with roars of celebration. Don’t forget to book your tickets and come and visit Moto and the rest of the Pride, as well as explore our other amazing animals.

You can also help celebrate Moto’s birthday through adopting Moto on our website, which aids to help support the survival and conservation of these majestic animals. The funds raised from adoptions go directly back into our charity The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire. Where the ethos of the charity is dedicated to animals’ welfare and conservation; placing our animals at the forefront of all that we do.

Please join us in wishing Moto a very Roarsome Happy 14th Birthday

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