Happy Birthday Peter Sampson!

Sat 24th September

Happy Birthday Peter!

Happy 83rd Birthday Peter Sampson! 

A huge Happy 83rd Birthday to Peter Sampson, founder of Paradise Wildlife Park and our sister charity The Big Cat Sanctuary!

Peter has inspired so many people over the years and has created an amazing wildlife park and sanctuary. He still comes in to work every single day with a smile on his face and we couldn’t ask for a better ambassador! From Bobby the lion to Rocky the tiger, Peter has touched thousands of lives through his passion for animal conservation and welfare.

Peter Sampson: 

‘We bought Broxbourne Zoo on April 1 1984 and everyone thought we were fools! We had no prior knowledge of wild animals and had never seen a tiger before. We did however have good business acumen and through very hard work, patience, belief and passion, we have developed Paradise Wildlife Park into what it is today. In 2001, we purchased Marley Farm in Smarden, Kent which is now The Big Cat Sanctuary. 

I have lived and worked in Hertfordshire all my life. I started my business over 55 years ago and have owned many different businesses over the years, all of which have been based in Hertfordshire. I started life as a speedway rider and rode for several years for various teams across the UK, including Rye House. 

Paradise is now home to more than 800 animals and The Big Cat Sanctuary is home to over 35 cats, we have many that are part of European endangered species breeding programmes. We are immensely proud of our achievements and we are looking forward to a bright future ahead.’‘ 


Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and wishing Peter a happy birthday. 

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