Happy birthday to Romulus and Inge!

Tue 27th April

Today at Paradise Wildlife Park we want to wish a very Happy Birthday to two very special individuals! Romulus and Inge our European Grey Wolves are celebrating their 9th Birthday.


Romulus and Inge have made Paradise Wildlife Park their home since 2012. They arrived to us at six weeks old from a facility that had not intended on breeding wolves. Their brother and sister relationship over the years has grown from strength to strength and they have become completely inseparable from each other, creating their own pack of two. Though they are siblings and have grown up together they have very different and distinctive looks and personalities. Our male wolf Romulus has a slender build but stands tall in stature next to his sister and has grey features throughout his fur. Whereas Inge, who is small in height has a thicker set body and carries red tones throughout her fur. Their favourite snacks include sardines and chicken wings, often they will bury these snacks and save for later or even the next day. As a species, wolves have always embodied an enigmatic characteristic, with Romulus and especially Inge upholding this mysterious quality. As Romulus is definitely more playful than Inge and loves nothing more than splashing his paws in the cold clean waters of their water trough. In contrast, Inge will always watch from a distance and observe everything before approaching the food or enrichment provided.


European Grey Wolves used to be found throughout most of the northern hemisphere including within Scotland here in the United Kingdom. The species has depleted over the centuries and decades, due to deliberate human persecution. The species has reduced to about one third from livestock predation and fear over attacks on humans. Wolves still remain in remote areas often far away from human contact. As with many other animals, wolves communicate and protect their territories through scent markings. This can be done by leaving their urine and faeces on trees and rocks. They are also very vocal animals including wines, growls and howling’s. Here at Paradise Wildlife Park, Romulus’s howl can often be heard all across the parks late at night and in the very early hours of the morning. Howling is a form of communication but also an act of celebration for wolves, as they love to make sound and music. In the wild wolves will howl to maintain pack unity and community spirit amongst the packs.


Paradise Wildlife Park is the only centre in the UK to offer the unique opportunity to hand feed these majestic animals, with an up-close experience bringing you close to the elusive European Grey Wolf. You can also adopt Romulus and Inge with all funds raised going directly back into the charity and our conservation efforts we support to help protect the future of the European Grey Wolves.


Please join us in wishing Romulus and Inge a very Happy 9th Birthday! We hope you can come and visit our beautiful European Grey Wolves soon.



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