Happy Feet at Paradise Wildlife Park

Thu 19th September

Paradise Wildlife Park is super excited to announce the birth of three new fluffy additions to the penguin tribe.


Adding to the 20 strong penguin family here at Paradise Wildlife Park, these chicks are at healthy weights and thriving. Our dedicated zoo keepers ensure weekly weigh ins of the chicks so that we can make sure the babies are being fed enough and equally by their parent penguins Tanesha and Rufaro and so that they adjust to human contact.


Not only are they happy, healthy and adorable (of course) there are sightings already out of the nest! Although penguin babies tend to stay close to their nests for about 6-9 months, one of the chicks is showing early signs of courage by venturing out it’s nest earlier than expected.


Our conservation efforts for the African penguin is more important than ever with only 22,000 of this species left in the world. Paradise Wildlife Park strive to maintain a sustainable and diverse penguin population and our latest penguin babies are the perfect addition to our healthy penguin ecosystem.


We would love for the public to learn about our penguin family and how we can make small changes in our every-day life that would make positive impacts to the current climate state. Although our penguins are thriving in captivity, animals living in the wild are constantly under threat from climate change. Simple reminders such as turning the light off when a room is not being used can contribute to saving precious and vulnerable habitats.


Paradise Wildlife Park also supports the charity SANCCOB. Their mission is to reverse the decline of coastal seabirds. We donate to this worthy cause in hope that we can help create a more sustainable ecosystem of coastal birds.

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