Happy International Tiger Day!

Fri 29th July

Join Us For Tiger Weekend!

Today on Friday 29th of July Tigers across the globe are taking the spotlight to raise awareness for the conservation and protection needed for this incredible species. Sadly, out of the subspecies of tigers that have existed three are already extinct with the remaining listed as endangered by the International Union Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With there only being an estimated 4500 of the species remaining.

Tiger numbers are declining at a rapid pace and just over a century ago, there were as many as 100,000 wild tigers living in Asia. However, this International Tiger Day is very special as this year also marks the Year of the Tiger. This raises the possibility of hope that additional awareness for the species will be raised and act as a catalyst for change that is desperately needed. It has already been seen that certain fashion houses have called for action and are donating funds to various conservation charities for Tigers and we hope to continue to see a positive movement on this. Here at the Park we work closely with our conservation partners who work incredibly hard to protect and raise awareness for this species.

Aleena and Siberia, our two beautiful Amur tigers act as ambassadors for their wild counterparts here at the Zoo, helping to educate visitor of all ages about the need for their protection. Join us from Friday the 29th to Sunday the 31st July for Tiger Weekend here at Paradise Wildlife Park as we raise vital funds and awareness for the Wild Cats Conservation Alliance. Enjoy a Tiger raffle, themed merchandise, treats and much more.

Meet our conservation partners who work out in the field and learn about how they work in protecting to conserve this incredible species. On Saturday and Sunday free health checks for over 35’s will be available by the Tulsi Foundation who work in protecting the health of the rangers in the field. The health check involves checking height & weight, bloods for cholesterol, diabetes and a dental exam, with results giving a realistic “heart age” in correlation to actual age. These will not be invasive checks, but an agreement will be required prior to any examination.

The Wildlife Conservation Trust in India, help frontline forest guards who work to protect wildlife to receive health checks, trauma management training, health camps for communities and much, much more. The work they do is vital in protecting tigers, as well as the wider ecosystem. 

This weekend will be part of your general admissions ticket and you will not require an additional ticket to enjoy our animal weekend. We hope you will join us as we work to raise awareness for conservation of species across the world.


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