Hedgehog Awareness Week!

Tue 3rd May

Learn about how you can help protect the species!

Hedgehog Awareness week runs from 1st to the 7th of May, to help raise awareness for the species of hedgehog with the aim to protect the species. Hedgehog Awareness week is organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) which is dedicated to protecting hedgehogs native to the UK and spreading awareness how everyone can help. From learning about making Hedgehog Streets in you gardens to learning about the species themselves, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society provides a variety of fun information about how to protect the species.

Here at Paradise Wildlife Park, we wish to highlight the support we are doing and how you can help protect hedgehogs. We have once again teamed up with SWCC (Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity) Hedgehog Hospital to help rehabilitate and release rescued and injured hedgehogs back into the wild.


Within British wildlife hedgehogs are one of the most recognised species and are loved throughout the country due to their unique appearances and often elusive nature due to their nocturnal nature. This indigenous species plays a key role within British wildlife in maintaining a healthy ecosystem as they help maintain a stable insect population. However, hedgehogs have been in a decline due to environmental factors and urbanisation. Understanding what is happening to our native wildlife is vital with research and monitoring helping to determine what support is needed to successfully release wildlife back to the wild and therefore assist wildlife overall.

The SWCC Hedgehog Hospital works to combat this decline with the local community through taking in sick and injured hedgehogs. They provide the necessary care and medical treatment needed to bring them back to full health. The Hedgehog Hospital was founded 25 years ago by Rebecca Willers who runs Shepreth Wildlife Park in the hope this will assist with the survival of British wildlife.


Both Paradise Wildlife Park and SWCC Hedgehog Hospital have previously worked together and released hedgehogs with James Cork, HeadKeeper at the Park hand building rehabilitation pens for the hedgehogs. We are both excited to restart this programme with our friends at SWCC Hedgehog Hospital, here at the Park we have already rehabilitated three hedgehogs and we hope to be able to assist where needed in the future.

For any SWCC Hedgehog Hospital Enquiries or if you find an injured, sick or orphaned hedgehog then please call the Emergency Hospital Line on: 07505 651968 or email swcc@sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk

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