Her name is…..

Wed 7th June

She is currently the only Jaguar cub in the UK

Born on 2nd April 2017, as we celebrated the launch of our new charity, the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire, this is the first Jaguar cub born at Paradise Wildlife Park.

Now at just over 2 months old, she has started to form a fantastic personality, as she is really playful and mischievous. From gaining a better understanding of her traits our Big Cat Keepers suggested 3 names that were put forward to a public vote. These names were, Kamali, Keira & Belo.

We received over 2000 votes and the name with 43% of the votes was KEIRA.

Kedera and Keira will be out of view from the public until Keira has her 12-16 week inoculations.

Jaguars are classified as ‘near threatened’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) so this is a real cause for celebration.

We are only one of only two zoos in the UK, and one of six in Europe, recommended to breed Jaguars, as part of the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme).

Paradise Wildlife Park is now working on extending the size of its Jaguar exhibit, creating more space for Kedera & Keira.

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