Keeping COOL in the Summer sunshine!

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Check Out 3 Ways We Keep Our Animals Cool!

As Summer arrives and the temperatures begin to soar our animals across the Park are being treated to some very tasty and refreshing treats!

There are various ways in which our animals enjoy cooling off from the Summer sunshine and often these refreshing treats and activities can act as great forms of enrichment for the animals to enjoy, acting as an instrument to encourage behaviours of hunting as well as engaging in mental stimulation. Here are our keeper top five ways they like to keep their animals cool:

  1. Ice Lollies!

Ice lollies are a super fun away for our animals to enjoy cooling off in the summer heat and can act as a great form of enrichment. From our Big Cats to our Emus, everyone here at Paradise Wildlife Park loves an refreshing ice lolly. Often our Big Cats are treated to very special blood ice lollies which they can enjoy as a tasty treat. Our emus and camels will often enjoy some carrots and broccoli frozen inside their ice lollies, so as they munch their way through the cool refreshing ice they can locate their very own healthy but tasty treats! This is a form of enrichment as our animals have to work out how to get the taste of the blood ice lolly or how to get the tasty treat inside. Often these ice lollies are tied onto their feeding poles or areas for them to locate and enjoy! Don’t forget you can also enjoy a tasty ice lolly or ice cream from our very own Ice Cream Hut.

2. A dip in the pool!

There is no better way to cool off from the Summer sunshine than taking a dip in a pool. Here at Paradise, as you walk around keep an eye out for water in our habitats as you may just see someone taking a cool dip in their pool! Our Amur Tigers Aleena and Siberia love to lay in their waterfall and take long strides across their pool. Tigers love to be in water and are one of the strongest swimmers in the Big Cat family. When you visit the Land of the Tigers make sure to look underwater in our under water viewing area to witness the magnificent power of Amur Tigers as they glide across the water surface! Also, why not pop over to our Lowland Tapirs who love nothing more than a quick and refreshing dip in their pool even if this is where they like to do their business! Tapirs are excellent swimmers and will often submerge themselves fully to cool off. They also will use water to escape from predators and to avoid their scent being detected when defecating.


3. Water Hoses!

For some of our animals they do not need or like to have large pools of water, instead when temperatures rise they love to enjoy a sprinkling of water from a hoses provided by our keepers. Our bird team will place small sprinklers in our bird habitats to allow them to hop between the water. Our tapirs and camels also enjoy the sprinkling of a hoses and will often be seen running in and out of the flow of water. This acts as a great form of enrichment engaging the animals with a sensory and new object within their habitat whilst being fun and cooling.

Make sure when you are visiting this Summer season you stay cool and refreshed. Treat yourself to a cool and refreshing slushy from Safari Diner or even take a dip in our Paradise Lagoon and enjoy the summer sunshine. Don’t forget to join us for Summer Evenings in Paradise, an after-hours event where you can see our animals enjoy the sunset on the backdrop of live entertainment and music.

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