Land of the Tigers 1st Anniversary

Fri 1st October

Happy 1st Anniversary to Land of the Tigers

We are excited to be celebrating the 1st anniversary of our newest habitat the Land of the Tigers. This beautiful habitat is home to our two majestic Amur tigers: Aleena and Siberia and we are happy to announce that they have settled into their new home with ease and grace over the last year. Paradise Wildlife Park has always strived to provide the best possible habitats and welfare for all animals in our care and the Land of the Tigers has been no exception to this. With every care and attention being made to ensure Aleena and Siberia have the best quality of life possible.


The Land of the Tigers welcomed the first-ever Amur tiger mixed-species habitat in the UK that features a fully submerged pool with underwater viewing and is home to a variety of koi and grass carp. Over the Summer months, guests and the team at Paradise got to witness both Aleena and Siberia take long dips in the pool to cool off. As well as, splashing about and playing about with each other in the water. Both seem to be completely at home in their new habitat and are often seen exploring all areas and being mischievous with each other, such as jumping out and teasing one another.


The habitat places animal welfare at the forefront. Additionally, focusing on educating all our guests through various signage and educational facts for all ages to learn from. The viewing platform itself, made out of shipping containers makes a powerful impact exhibiting the human interference which tigers face in their natural habitats. As, Amur tigers, who are classed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, due to negative human impacts, including habitat destruction, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. Paradise’s Land of the Tigers places this at the forefront and aims through education to place the needs of conservation at the centre of our mission. 


As we look forward, we are excited to see the opening of our Bamboo Kitchen which will serve a variety of Southern Asian cuisine, with guests being able to enjoy their food whilst looking out across our tiger habitat. This will be an exciting addition to the Park and bring an explosion of flavours and a whole new viewing experience. 


As Paradise continues to grow and evolve we are excited to welcome the next steps in the future of the Park. With the projects progressing for our new habitats of Sun Bear Heights, Jaguar Jungle and Otter Rocks which will house our newest additions of sun bears and binturongs, whilst being another UK first of mixed species including  Asian short claw otters. We would like to thank all our members, guests, staff and volunteers for all the support over the last year and we hope to continue to strive to provide the best for the animals in our care and our visitors. 


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