Lion Predicts England vs Croatia Euros Result

Thu 10th June

As we approach the start of the Euros 2021, we have taken the glorious game to our equally glorious male white lion, Moto!

Moto predicts who will win in the first game between England and Croatia. Or, our lions predict the results of the Lions!



Moto was born in 2011 at West Midlands Safari Park and joined the Paradise family when he was 4 years old. He now lives at Lion Pridelands with Kya, Izulu and Zuri, our three lionesses. Since his arrival he has been a firm guest favourite due to this stunning looks and playful nature. Once you step foot at Paradise Wildlife Park you can hear his majestic territory roar echo across the whole park, making sure you know where he is at all times! Moto loves all the enrichment our keepers provide for him. He especially loves playing with cardboard boxes!


Moto and his pride of lionesses will be predicting future England game results as part of our celebration of the Euros 2021! Make sure to check out our social media for more predictions and Euro 2021 fun.

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