Meet Pequeno and Pouco

Thu 18th November

Our baby pygmy marmoset have names!

We are excited to announce that our pygmy marmosets now have names! Please meet Pouco and Pequeno!

Pouco and Pequeno come from the Portuguese language. This is the native language of Brazil which is one of the wild habitats where pygmy marmosets are found. Pouco translates to small and Pequeno means tiny, fitting names for the smallest known primate in the world.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their name suggestions since we welcomed two adorable pygmy marmosets to Paradise Wildlife Park. Our small mammal team have had the difficult decision of deciding what to name this delightful duo!

Even though pygmy marmosets are the smallest known monkey in the world, with adults weighing a mere 100 grams when fully grown, they are very mischievous and love nothing more than bouncing around their habitat and jumping on their keepers when they are being provided with food and enrichment. Pouco and Pequeno have extended the beautiful group to a troop of six and are still very adventurous exploring their habitat with their siblings and parents.

Come and see the world’s smallest primate in their Rainforest habitat. 

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