Name our Pygmy Marmoset Twins!

Mon 20th September

Pygmy Marmoset Twins Join The Troop!

Last week saw the exciting announcement of the birth of not one but two Pygmy Marmoset babies. These newest additions to our troop now need your help as the super cute twins need to be named.


The birth of the twins has extended the beautiful group to a troop of six, with all members of the family on board to help with raising them. The twins who join parents Nippet and Bella and siblings Mimo and Bombeiro, have grown in confidence over the last couple of months and definitely need names that reflect their vibrant and cute behaviour. 

Even though pygmy marmosets are the smallest known monkey in the world, with adults weighing a mere 100 grams when fully grown, they are very mischievous and love nothing more than bouncing around their habitat and jumping on their keepers when they are being provided with food and enrichment. 


Join the competition today and add your choices in the comments across our social platforms, for the naming of the twins! Visit the newest additions to Paradise Wildlife Park in the Rainforest Building, where they are joined by Two-Toed Sloths and various other small mammals. 

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