Otter Weekend was a success

Mon 28th May

Otter Weekend took place on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May, where the keeper team set up a fundraising stall to help raise awareness for otters and generate funds to go towards the otters at Zoological Society of Hertfordshire but 2 specially selected otter charities.

The team chose to support the International Otter Survival Fund but also the Himalayan Otter Network. The Himilayan Otter Network solely work in the Himalayan region and conserve 3 species of otter, Asian short-clawed, European and smooth coated otters. They work with small local communities to educate about otters and their important place in the eco-system and how pollution and certain fishing practices can harm them. They also conduct research on local otter populations and have a school education program. Protecting these areas also help to conserve other species such as snow leopards and red pandas.

The Paradise keeper team helped raise over £560 for these great causes. We would like to thank anyone who visited over this weekend and had shown their support.


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