Paradise Wildlife Park’s Ambassador: Bailey May

Thu 6th August

We would like to welcome Bailey May, our new Ambassador of Paradise Wildlife Park and ZSH.


On his first ambassador trip to the park, Bailey fed our white lion pride. Moto, the male white lion of the pride took a special liking to Bailey and sat with him throughout the entire feed. Lions have always been a firm favourite of Bailey’s so we were so excited for him to meet our beautiful lion pride. Although Bailey’s love for wildlife does not just stop at lions. Before his outstanding singing career took off, he had a dream to become a Zoologist so we are so happy to offer him a slice of what being a zoologist is all about: conserving our world’s wildlife.


Bailey is known across the world for his moving appearances in Big Brother Philippines and his amazing singing voice. His voice is now taken him to new heights by joining Now United in 2017. Bailey May is an incredible ambassador for Paradise Wildlife Park. He shares our core ethics of wildlife conservation and a genuine love for all living things. We cannot wait for the work Bailey and the park will join together on. From championing wildlife conservation through his incredible online platform to raising valuable funds for our charity, Bailey will be involved in all sorts of events and activities.


Keep an eye out for Bailey as we will be working closely with him to spread awareness for our planet’s wildlife. We cannot be prouder and more excited to welcome Bailey into our Paradise Wildlife Park family.



Special thanks to Laura Edwards from The Viral Group who connected us with Bailey and his lovely family.

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