Pride Lands Coming Soon…

Wed 30th January

State of the art Lion Habitat Coming Soon...

Paradise Wildlife Park will open their latest new animal habitat, Lion Pride Lands during May 2019. This will be home to their small pride of four white lions.  The pride will move from their current home in the corner of the park to a new, much larger habitat at the top end of the wildlife park. It will be the first animal habitat visitors will see once they are through the animal park entrance.

As well as being larger than their current habitat, the area will be a lot more interactive and conservation focused. The highlights of the new habitat will see a tree in the heart of the area that visitors will be able to walk into and have the lions surround them, a large house area for the lions for people to be able to view them indoors and a safari jeep photo opportunity.

This is the latest in what is an ambitious rebuild plan Paradise has for its entire site. Park CEO Lynn Whitnall had this to say; ‘Lion Pride Lands will bring our visitors closer to lions than ever before whilst at the same time educating them more about the threats facing these incredible big cats in the wild and what we here at Paradise, alongside other wildlife parks and charities are doing to protect them in Africa and India. Over the next decade, we will gradually be increasing the size of all of our animal habitats to ensure the best possible welfare for our animals and a brilliant day out for our visitors’.

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