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Birth of Endangered African Penguin

We are excited to announce the birth of an endangered African Penguin chick here at Paradise Wildlife Park and there’s no better reason to smile this Blue Monday as they couldn’t be any cuter!

On the morning of 20th December, our bird keepers arrived to discover the newest addition to our penguin colony snuggled under the feathers of their parents Albert and Akiki. The chick has grown strong and healthy since birth under the careful watchful eye of its parents and the bird-keeping team. With the vet coming in soon for the first weight check, we are sure it will be a healthy number for sure! 

The birth of the penguin chick brings our colony of African penguins to 17. With the parents Albert and Akiki doing exceptionally well in caring for their young. Here at Paradise Wildlife Park, our African penguins are part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) a governing body aimed at protecting and conserving the health and genetic pools of endangered species. As currently recognised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) African penguins are listed as endangered due to changes in habitats and environment. This success within the breeding program is a positive moment within the zoo community and for their wild counterparts. 


Our efforts to protect these beautiful creatures goes beyond Paradise Wildlife Park and into their wild conservation through our support to The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB). SANCCOB is a registered non-profit organisation, whose primary objective is to reverse the decline of seabird populations through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of ill, injured, abandoned and oiled seabirds. With the estimates of only 18,000 breeding pairs left in the wild, SANCCOBs efforts play a vital part in protecting the species and ecosystems surrounding them. Their consistent efforts in the conservation of the African penguins and a number of other seabird species aids the overall protection of these animals for future generations. SANCCOB plays a vital part in the conservation efforts and every year Paradise Wildlife Park raises funds for SANCCOB to continue their necessary work. Without the support of everyone, these efforts wouldn’t be possible and with this support, we hope this incredible species the penguin-like to many others will be around for generations to come.


Here at Paradise, you can adopt one of our African penguins or you can even come and Feed a Penguin in a unique experience where you will gain a great insight into the species whilst being up close to the unique personalities of African penguins. With all funds going back into the work of the charity and the conservation.


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