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Thu 22nd April

Paradise Wildlife Park and Zoological Society of Hertfordshire’s online shop is more than just a place to purchase wonderfully unique clothing. It is also a place of survival. All funds received from our online shop purchases will go to our charity: Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH). ZSH is dedicated to animal welfare and conservation within the UK and across the world. Your funds will go towards the upkeep of our amazing animals at Paradise Wildlife Park but will also go towards animal charities across the world.


By shopping at our online shop you are contributing to the survival of countless wildlife species. Conservation and wildlife organisations such as ZSH, rely on the donations of their supporters so that they can continue their work to save wildlife from extinction. Additionally, ZSH does not only support Paradise Wildlife Park, but it also donates valuable funds to numerous wildlife charities nationally and internationally. So your funds do not just support the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park but also organisations that work day in day out to save the world’s most iconic species.


Our shop offers a wide range of products. Each product features an animal that lives at Paradise Wildlife Park but in a variety of different styles. From bold abstract prints to ultra-realistic portraits to stylish line drawings; our shop holds a design for everyone.

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