Sneak peak of Sun Bear Heights

Sun 16th May

Sun Bear Heights Designs

On International Sun Bear Day, we are sharing a sneak peak of our new Sun Bear Heights Habitat

On International Sun Bear Day, we are sharing a sneak peak of our upcoming habitat: Sun Bear Heights! Not only does this bring two new incredible species to the park; Sun Bears & Binturongs, but it’s also the first mixed exhibit of its kind in the UK with Asian Short Clawed Otters as well. Each species will have their own individual habitats as well as having areas where they can all mix together should they chose to do so.

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Sun Bears live in the dense jungles of Malaysia and are known for spending a lot of time in the tops of trees. They have a beautiful and unique golden marking across their chest which is what they get their name for. Sun bears are also the smallest species of bear, standing only four feet on their hind legs! The Asian short-clawed otters will be given access into the new area that will also house our second new species, Binturongs! Binturongs, which are also known as ‘bear cats’ despite not actually being related to bears or cats. They are unusual looking mammals that are related civets and fossas! They also have a distinct scent that happens to smell like popcorn.

Sun Bear Heights is designed to educate visitors about the problems facing the bears and will even feature a section that will have bear bile cages for people to climb into. It will also give visitors the amazing opportunity to view the bears at the heights of the treetops where they spend most of their time with a unique treetop walkway and café so visitors can relax with a drink whilst taking in these incredible species.

Get excited to welcome the sun bears, binturongs and otters into their new home for 2021.

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We’ve just opened Land of the Tigers. Another UK first mixed-species habitat with Tigers & fish and underwater viewing. Paradise Wildlife Park / The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire is situated 20 miles north of London, 7 miles from Junction 25 on the M25, and approximately 25 minutes from London Liverpool Street by rail.

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