Sun Bear Heights and Jaguar Jungle Update

Wed 6th October

As we see Summer of 2021 come to a close, we look towards the exciting times to come. We wish to provide an update regarding our newest habitats which will be housing our Jaguars and our mixed-species habitat of Sun Bears, Binturong and Asian Short-Claw Otters. 

Here at Paradise Wildlife Park, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality of life and welfare for the animals in our care. With this, we want to ensure that everything within these habitats is to the highest standards of safety and care and this is not a process we want nor intend to rush. The pandemic alongside Brexit over the past eighteen months has had an incredible impact on everyone and Paradise is no exception, with this also interrupting the habitat projects.

Our building team is working exceptionally hard to bring these exciting projects to everyone. However, delays have been frequent because of supply shortages due to Brexit and the high percentage of rain we’ve encountered meaning conditions for construction have been unsafe. 

Even though these setbacks mean there will be a delay with the opening, we are positively continuing to push on with the projects. Whilst we would have loved to have had these projects finished for this year’s holiday season, unfortunately, this is not a possibility. We apologise for the delays but we would like to thank all of our members, visitors and followers for their patience and support so far.

We have no doubt that these habitats will be incredible homes where the animals we care for will feel safe and comfortable. As well as, providing fantastic opportunities for all our guests to see these species in new and exciting ways. We cannot wait to share with you these beautiful habitats but in the meantime, please ‘bear’ with us whilst we ensure we provided these animals with the best possible homes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new habitats for our Jaguars and our newest additions Sun Bears and Bintourongs who will be in the UK’s first mixed species habitat with our Asian Short Claw Otters in 2022. 

Please keep a lookout on our social platforms and our website for further updates and information regarding the opening of these habitats.


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